License Fee:

The licensing fee is $650 annually.

These costs include all updates and the complete T.D.M.STM User Manual that documents all functions and equations of the program. We have about two updates per year, about every 6 months. We inform all users about the update and the program changes by e-mail and the new file is downloaded from our web site.


Academic Discount:

We offer discounts for academic and teaching institutions. Academic institutions are those that have pharmacy programs and pharmacy students studying and will be using TDMS program during their training. The academic discount is $400 annually. For more details, please contact us at


Multi-site Discount:

We offer discounts for a multi-site license. Multi-site means multiple institution names that are billed together. If the payments will be made together, then each additional institution can be added for $250 a year. So if you were to use the program in 6 institutions, the total yearly cost will be 400 + 5*250 - $1650. For non-academic institutions, each additional license is $350 a year. For more details, please contact us at


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