Question: I do PK on my calculator. Why do I need T.D.M.S.2000?
Answer: Calculators cannot analyze non-steady-state serum levels and cannot perform Bayesian fitting. T.D.M.S.2000 does both. This means patients get to the optimal dosage regimen sooner.

Question: Is that all?
Answer: No, there's more! Doses given at uneven intervals are easily and accurately analyzed. And, if a serum level result looks unreasonable, Bayesian analysis handles it better.

Question: Is T.D.M.S 2000 only for adults?
Answer: Absolutely not! T.D.M.S 2000TM excels in all age groups, including neonates and pre-term infants.

Question: I'm a director of pharmacy. Why should I buy T.D.M.S.2000?
Answer: Having a shared program and patient database, pharmacists share data, avoiding redundancy, saving time and providing more consistent recommendations.

Question: How can I convince my boss to buy T.D.M.S.2000?
Answer: By using non-steady-state Bayesian analysis, T.D.M.S.2000 saves money by reducing the number of serum samples needed to individualize patient dosage regimens and the time to reach the optimal dosage.

Question: Is the program ever updated?
Answer: T.D.M.S.2000 is updated twice a year on average. Updates include changes based on newly published data, user comments, and improved functionality.

Question: How are users informed of updates?
Answer: Users are informed of updates by e-mail. The new program version is downloaded from this web site. The T.D.M.S. User Manual is updated as program changes are made.

Question: How much does TDMS™ 2000 cost?
Answer: Pricing information is described in our Buy Now page, here.

Question: Do you offer discounts for academical institutions?
Answer: Yes. For more details, please refer to our Buy Now page, here.

Question: What operating systems is T.D.M.S.2000 compatible with?
Answer: The latest version 14.08.27 will work on Windows 7 (64-bit) or later. You can download the free demo software on our Downloads page.

Minimum Systems Requirements for version 14.08.27:
    4 GB RAM
    1024 x 768 display

The older version 12.04.26 will work on Windows 2000 (32-bit) or later. Please contact us ( if you would like to try the demo software for the older version.

Minimum Systems Requirements for version 12.04.26:
    4 GB RAM
    1024 x 768 display

Question: Does the T.D.M.S.™ 2000TM license allow use on more than one computer? 
Answer: The license allows the program to be installed on any number of computers within the licensed facility. It can be installed on individual workstations, multiple workstations using a shared database or on a central server accessed by multiple workstations. 

Question: Does the T.D.M.S.™ 2000TM license allow use in more than facility? 
Answer: No. Each license is specific to one facility. However, discounted rates are available for multihospital systems. Contact Healthware, Inc. for a price quotation (

Question: Where can I download more detailed instructions?
Answer:Visit our downloads page here.

Question: How do I contact you about buying T.D.M.S.2000™?
Answer: For sales or other general inquiries:

Question: How do I contact you about technical support?
Answer: For technical support:

Question: What drugs are included in TDMS 2000TM?

• Amikacin
• Ciprofloxacin
• Digoxin
• Fluconazole
• Gentamicin
• Levofloxacin (or Ofloxacin)
• Lithium
• Phenobarbital
• Phenytoin, non-stedy-state, Michaelis-Menten
• Procainamide
• Quinidine
• Theophylline (or Aminophylline)
• Tobramicin
• Vancomycin, 2-compartment
• User's Choice, One-Compartment*

All drugs are analyzed using a one-compartment model, except as indicated

User's choice is a generic one-compartment model in which the user supplies all of the starting pharmacokinetic parameters.













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